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Do you need a stunning and functional website that reflects a professional image, inspire trust and convert your visitors?
We are crafting the perfect website for you from design to development, SEO and even copywriting. 

What we do

BUILD A POWERFULL BRAND ONLINE PRESENCE For Entrepreneurs, coach & small businesses

We know what is it to run a business:  we have to find and take care of your clients, building attractive offers, managing our marketing and our team…  It’s not every day easy to be everywhere and to be honest; we sometimes invest hours and hours in some tasks without being completely satisfied by the result. 

That’s because we cannot be an expert in everything and this is how me and my team would like to help you. 

Our job is to take the pressure off of your shoulder and bring your business ideas to life on the digital scene. 

You need a modern, neat and stunning website that reflects your value, your offer and attract your ideal customer? We will create a website that you are proud of and transform your visitors into clients in automatic mode.

Your branding need a refresh as it doesn’t reflect who you are ? we can help by crafting a professional brand identity and make you seen and identify by your audience.

It is not just about delivering a website and a logo. Our team is composed by UX designer, Social media strategist, SEO consultant; photographer, copywritter … So whatever the needs that you will have we will find the solution and the talent for you. 

Our aim is to build a strong and smooth collaboration with you, understanding your business, coming with creative idea so you can reach your goals and growth online


Custom Website

Finally, a website that you are proud of, help you to sell and enhance the quality of your offer 

I won’t go through the fact that each company should have a website. If you come here, you should already be convinced that is crucial. Your website is your visit card, a free space where you can demonstrate to your ideal client that you are the perfect fit. Your website should reflect your values, the uniqueness of your offer with clear and professional design and content. 


Crafting your branding

At the foundation of your business : a visual identity and design to make you memorable.

I create graphics that represent your company’s values and DNA:  from the conception to the realization of your logo, your brand identity, and your visual communication (print & digital). The whole crafted according to your image, values, and positioning.



Once the pillar of your business is set up, it’s time to talk about conversion rate and return of investment. 

Rank on Google, get followers and an engaged community, send your monthly newsletters, implement Facebook ads…  You know the technic but you don’t know where to start.

In collaboration with experts, we will design, plan, and implement a digital marketing strategy that delivers measurable results to reach, convert and retain your ideal customer.  


Study Case


Meredith DeKalb Miller is a respected private document examiner trained and certified by the FBI Laboratory. Analyzing hundreds of document cases, she testifies in federal and state courts as a qualified expert.

Discover in our study case how we help Meredith to have a functionnal website, a new brand identity and improve the user experience on her website.


an overview of our best projects

Meredith Dekalb Miller

Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | SEO & Strategy


Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | SEO | Strategy | Social media & Emailing

Les Savons de Lyna

Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | SEO | Strategy | Social media & Emailing


Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | Print communication

Are we a good fit ? 

Let's talk about your project

Hi I’m Sarah

Studio september founder and wordpress trainer

Since the past 10 years, I design websites and implement strategy that help entrepreneurs and small business to stand out online.

My approach is not just about delivering a website or a logo, for most of my clients I feel to be part of their team : I have a real understanding of their business, I propose freely some improvements and I really look after that everything related to marketing gets the most of our attention. 

I won’t deny: I am much into details when it comes to design. I really care about the aesthetical part and if you are someone who is instead performance-oriented you may think that I am too picky. However, all my design starts with the aim of building connexion with your audience, represents your identity, and turning visitors and followers into paying customers. I design with intention. 

After graduating with a BBA and an MBA in Marketing, I got the classic corporate job in one of the best Parisian agency followed by a Marketing coordinator position in a big company. On weekends and evenings, I was working as a freelancer for small companies. Something has always been off and I never really fit into “the corporate world” where politics was too present and got a sense of unfulfillment. On the other hand, I had already a very entrepreneurial mindset and got involved in many projects as soon as I was 18 years old. In 2018, I decided to quit everything: my comfy job, my cute Parisian apartment, and my well-paid salary to travel the world, dedicate myself to my clients and discover new cultures.

After few months of backpacking through South East Asia, I settle in Chiang Mai (Thailand) who has a very lively digital entrepreneur scene. If we have stages in our life, I would qualify this one as “awareness”. During that moment, I understood all the opportunities the digital world has to offer, I went to hundreds of Conferences & Workshops on different topics (affiliation, Amazon FBA, crypto, etc.), met successful entrepreneurs that opened my eyes to crucial process and I found clarity on what I want in my professional life.

2 years later, I moved to Bali, I work closely with clients I love and build a team of 7 people that I enjoy collaborating with and respect a lot for their expertise. 

I became also a partner-business owner of a fitness online shop in Australia that provides marathoners and athletes the right nutrition for performing in their discipline.

During those years I organized 50 workshops on different topics : SEO, WordPress, social media, Newsletters, etc. 

I understood that the knowledge that I got for the past 10 years could benefit the ones who just start their entrepreneurial journey. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people with fantastic ideas. One of my side projects is right now providing material and resources for helping new solopreneurs to build themselves their online business.

Meet the team

we are consultant, expert, creative and project manager from all over the world, working together to make your project a success

Let’s Connect ! 

Send me a message including your project idea or website and let's jump into a call

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    Assistance hours: Monday – Friday 10 am to 4pm GTM+7
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    Want to know more? 

    Here are the most frequently askded questions

    Branding & Design

    It’s all fine, we have prepare a questionnaire that narrow down your persona (= ideal client) and guide you through the process of finding inspiration

    We limit our number of proposition to 5 and 3 back and forth corrections. Our client usually got more than 5 but… we need to work under a framework 😉

    Yes we can divide the paiment in 3 for the whole brand identity (style guide + logo) and 2 for only the logo

    Between 350 and 500$

    Sure! we can create a feed that reflect your brand identity. We have many references; send us a message 

    Yes, and we love to create them ! Just send us a message

    Yes ! We do newsletter design template and we can design your newsletters each month. Contact me for more info

    Digital Marketing

    Loic and Yoan are our SEO Consultant and will provide you a complete SEO strategy that you will boost your traffic

    We can help to create content for your social media management: the strategy, design, caption, engagement… Contact us for more information

    Yes we actually work a lot like this with our clients. Here is an example of a monthly package:

    1. Define long term strategy 
    2. Create the marketing strategy for the month
    3. Retroplanning 
    4. Prepare and schedule 12 social media post (+ others tasks linked to social media management) 
    5. Send 4 newseltter
    6. Seo content creation and optimisation 
    7. Facebook ads

    We coordinate and implement everything for you. Your role will be to guide us about the content you want to highlight and any promo

    Website creation

    Yes of course ! We will train you and give you the video tutorial you need so you can be totally independant when you wish to update the copy and image of your website 

    Yes we can ! We can hire a copywritter to make all the content for you so you dont have to struggle with what to write… If you prefer to keep this part on your side it’s totally fine too 🙂 clients using language that tugs at their heartstrings.

    Yes! I am happy to offer all clients who engage with me  a payment plan according to what suit you the most. 

    The full sum can be split up to 4 paiement and within 1 year. If you need a special arrangement, send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate you.

    I can defenelty adapt to your needs. A website goes throught few stages : Discovery, Strategy, Content, WebDesign and Development. Usually it’s realistic to say 5 weeks Then, it all depends how urgent your demand is and how long it takes us to gather all the information and feedback

    I primarily use WordPress to build websites because it’s a very flexible solution. Nowadays, WordPress is coming with an easy drag-and-drop builder that my clients really like as it makes the process of updating the copy very easy. WordPress is the more powerfull solution in term of SEO and functionnalities

    I don’t do WIX or Foursquare website but I know some colleague who do. Send me a message and I will share their contact

    Once your website is launched, you have a  30-days free support post-launch. Furthermore, we have monthly maintenance care plans for all your fixing, adjusting, improving, adding some content and design.

    Send me a message to know more. 

    Challenge accepted ! We have a formula for designing your website is less than 24 hours 🙂 We are 100% confiant to meet your delays

    We can add this option

    We have copywritters that work with us since a long time and we can also find the one who match your positioning and reflect your tone of voice. You give the main idea of your page and we take care of the content