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Our aim is to empower my clients with a complete and robust visual identity, enabling them to confidently expand their business.

Sandra Miller Radabaugh

USA, Forensic Document Examiner
With full confidence and without hesitation, I recommend Sarah and her team at Studio September to handle your company’s branding and web design needs. I would endorse her to my family and closest friends, and would not be worried at all about her taking the best care of their needs with the utmost professionalism and competency.

Sandrine & Stéphane

FRANCE, Real Estate & Rental

We were looking for a company to create our website for our vacation rental in Corsica. We got recommended Studio September so we called and we’re really delighted with the result. This team really listened to us and understood our needs.

We don’t know anything about computers so we asked a lot of questions and they always answered and explained everything.

Now we really mastered everything we have to change on a regular basis, such as photos, prices as well as everything we want to add on the blog etc.

We’re really pleased to have worked with this team, and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make a website. We’ve also noticed that our site is highly visible and we actually gained a lot of new customers thanks to this visibility.

Choura Sayed


Wonderful work! I am very proud of my branding and I am so happy that I trusted you with my visual identity! You and your team have my full confidence. I wish you much success.

Merveilleux travail! Je suis trés fière de mon branding et je suis tellement heureuse de vous avoir confié mon identité visuelle! toi et ton équipe vous avez tout ma confiance. Je vous souhaite une belle réussite 



Les Savons De Lyna


Mag Florist


Sandrine Colbaz

SUISSES, Business Coach

A big thank you to Sarah and her team for this beautiful branding. Sarah quickly understood my style, my personality, and the image I wish to show to the world.

The team is super reactive and it was a pleasure to collaborate and communicate with you.

I highly recommend Studio September for branding and website design.

Céline Bergamini


It’s been really great working with you. The branding was EXACTLY what I wanted. The most important and primordial aspect is setting up the entire visual universe with the fonts, the colors, etc.

For everything you have done, I’m so happy. That’s exactly what I wanted and it’s worth talking about.

Thank you very much and if I ever need a branding again, I will ask you again!

Nadia Soussi


It’s quite natural that I contacted Sarah to help me make the landing page of my website and I don’t regret it. I’m really happy with the work done and the final result.

Thank you so much to Sarah and Audrey for your efficiency, flexibility and kindness throughout our collaboration.

It’s a real pleasure to work with you girls 🙂

Matt Borowski


I’ve worked with Sarah on a handful of creative projects across 2 businesses over the last couple of years.

Sarah’s passion for making her customers happy and producing great work was very apparent.

Her technical and strategic design skills are great, and the team she has nurtured are very capable to deliver on Sarah’s vision.

From my experience, I’m very confident to say that you would be lucky to work with Sarah and the team for the next project.


FRANCE, Life Coach


FRANCE, Business Coach

Meredith Dekalb Miller


Sarah is easy to communicate with, she has great ideas, and her designs are amazing, in my opinion.

I hired Sarah to completely rebrand the website and to help me with the user experience.

It’s finished now and I’m very happy with it. The fonts, colors, and the branding are very cohesive.

I’m a forensic scientist and finding my company on Google, having a comprehensive and cohesive look to my website is really important for the clients that are coming to hire me. So having a cohesive branding was important to me and she helped with that. I hope she will continue in this work because she is very talented.

Marie-Christine Eustache


I discovered Sarah’s studio through Nikky Doualle, a coach with whom I work. I asked Sarah to create a banner for my Facebook profile and, to start, I had to fill a form so she could know me better and what I was looking for.

She made some suggestions of visuals to which I gave feedback on what I liked and disliked, and then sent them back to me.

I now had something that suited me perfectly. Sarah and her team then proceeded to guide me on how to make edits and visuals myself, which allows me to have a base to work on while staying within the brand identity we created together.

Everything went very well. There was a lot of kindness, of listening, of taking into account my wishes, and I am very pleased with the result! A big thank you to Sarah and her team, and see you soon for more visuals!

Aurélia C


I highly recommend the services of Sarah and her team because they managed to rapidly create a branding perfectly aligned with the person I am.

What I particularly appreciated with Sarah is her accessibility, her availability, her listening skills, her adaptability, her professionalism, her reactivity, and her humanity.

In addition to having great suggestions and advice, Sarah and her team made me want to post on social media again because now, I am a big fan of my new branding, which makes me more serene in the development of my activities as a life coach.

What’s more, I am now completely independent to customize my posts thanks to the social media templates that were made. Thank you for everything!

Isabelle Bertholin


I am very satisfied with our collaboration. I really enjoyed working with you and I find the design marvelous. The entire team is super reactive, intuitive and professional. I recommend Sarah and her team without hesitation. 1000 times thanks.

Hélène Baridon


Everything went very well. In all sincerity, the entire process was clear and the results were great. We reviewed all small details with Audrey; everything was smooth and very productive.

Maria Grazia


I am very happy with my collaboration with Sarah, who, every time, goes beyond my expectations. She’s very creative, punctual, precise, and available. Frankly, I recommend her to everyone!

Amel Dahmani




I have worked with the best agencies in the world, my criteria was quiet high. I had a strong vision of what I wanted to create both in terms of what we deliver as a product but also how the brand was built and represented, when we started working together it was the first time that I could actually feel the brand to come alive, you have done everything for us all of these years, you did the logo, brand identity, social media and how everything is expressed, we did several rebranding and we did the big one not long ago, you have been able to put my vision into visibility, you are very very skilled.

Antony de Provence Conciergerie


Dr. Marc LeBeau


Studio September’s website creation services exceeded my expectations. The team clearly understood design principles, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly site for my business. Their efficient communication and attention to detail made the entire process seamless. I highly recommend Studio September for anyone seeking a professional and innovative web development experience.

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