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Now more than ever, all businesses, require a clear digital presence to be able to catch the attention of their future clients.

A stunning, modern, and professional website

Your brand design is like your online visit card, we give you clean, clear messaging with outstanding graphics, aesthetic content, and a great user exeprience.

Increase your audience by ranking your website higher on Google.

With an SEO-optimized website, you can appear on the first page of Google searches! As a result, your potential clients have an easier time finding you.

We design user journey that converts visitors into clients

Designing a targeted user journey with the right research on your target market helps in converting your sales online!

Highlight your credentials, references, and client testimonials

With the right design and content that you present on your website, you build the right image that portrays your credibility.

Stress-free process & team at your disposal

We take care of your website's creation from A to Z. We go above and beyond to make this an enjoyable and inspiring experience for you. Think of us as your extended marketing and development team!

How can we help you

Attorneys & Lawyers

We create exceptional websites for solo practitioners. Our goal is for your website to clearly and frequently appear in the searches of your potential client base. Testimonials, academic background, certifications, and white papers will be displayed to inspire trust and reliability in your visitors

Notary and FDE'S

We specialize in website and brand identity development for this unique field. We fully understand your need to look professional, be multi-faceted, and extremely quick in dealing with your customer’s requirements. We design your new website to be able to deal with those demands with precision.

Legal Firms

We know what is required for a small to medium-sized business to display its brand identity correctly. We structure your website so that each individual, and their expertise, is clearly presented. Your new website will focus on conveying the strength and reliability of you and your legal team.

Financial consultant

Build trust and inspire confidence for your visitors as a financial consultant. Your website is the first impression your visitors get, we help you leave them with a lasting one. Invest in your website now, and convert your visitors into your dream clients.

What we do

It's more than a simple website

Now more than ever before, all businesses require a clear digital presence to be able to catch the attention of their future clients. In your industry, credibility, and trust is the main reason for making people choose you. And this is precisely how your new website will help you.

With a design that reflects your professionalism, a clear presentation of your service, and your credentials & testimonials highlighted, you can be confident that your website will inspire trust and reliability to any potential clients who are looking for legal or financial assistance.

Now, I understand that finding the right agency to create your website and also clearly see your vision is not an easy task. You may have already invested in outsourcing, delegated it to someone on your team that is not fully qualified, or maybe even tried doing it yourself… The outcome is usually the same: the result is disappointing and leaves you with nothing but stress, headache, and an overall bad experience.

In the end, you don’t end up with the professional website you were envisioning, maybe even be embarrassed to show it to your potential clients.

With us here at Studio September, you can now rest assured that you have found the right agency. We have a decade of experience delivering professional websites through a smooth process where the foundation is a deep understanding of your unique field’s specific demands and your core values.

With us, you receive a holistic solution that includes branding, SEO, copywriting, and Webdesign.

Sarah Meyran, founder and CEO


The design of your company’s website and branding should convey your reliability as a professional, your core values, and your area of expertise. It ought to elegantly communicate your specialties and speak directly to your preferred niche of clients. We have a team of highly creative user-experience designers who produce customer-focused solutions without neglecting your business’s core values.

A well-designed, professional website inspires your visitors’ trust and demonstrates that your legal firm is an excellent choice. It is what dictates the lasting first impression a potential client will have of your company and brand. Today it’s a must-have!

A bold, creative, and inviting website has the power to set you apart from your competitors.


Together with a modern, professional, and fully responsive web design, we also provide SEO-specific text for your niche and target audience. We can help you focus more on the type of needs and correlating services that are the most sought after by your clients. This can also be done through video testimonials and building a social media online presence.

We focus on displaying your credibility and expertise by highlighting your client testimonials, relevant certificates, and case studies. We believe in presenting the ethical values and people behind your brand, to connect more easily and effortlessly with your perfect client base.

Webdesign and SEO combined allow you to fully communicate your expertise and services.


Services and features at the service of your new website

When you entrust us with the management of your website, we make every effort to make things as simple as possible for you.

let’s Talk


If you feel like you have tried everything, but it’s so far not to your satisfaction. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to get started. Either way, we’d love to help!

Schedule your free discovery call to talk about your upcoming project so we can present you with the ideal and possible solutions we can offer you and your business.

Want to know more? 

Here are the most frequently askded questions

It’s all fine, we have prepare a questionnaire that narrow down your persona (= ideal client) and guide you through the process of finding inspiration

Yes we can divide the paiment in 3 for the whole brand identity (style guide + logo) and 2 for only the logo

Yes, and we love to create them ! Just send us a message

Yes ! We do newsletter design template and we can design your newsletters each month. Contact me for more info

Loic and Yoan are our SEO Consultant and will provide you a complete SEO strategy that you will boost your traffic

Yes of course ! We will train you and give you the video tutorial you need so you can be totally independant when you wish to update the copy and image of your website 

Yes we can ! We can hire a copywritter to make all the content for you so you dont have to struggle with what to write… If you prefer to keep this part on your side it’s totally fine too 🙂 clients using language that tugs at their heartstrings.

Yes of course !  We can improve your current website 

I can defenelty adapt to your needs. A website goes throught few stages : Discovery, Strategy, Content, WebDesign and Development. Usually it’s realistic to say 5 weeks Then, it all depends how urgent your demand is and how long it takes us to gather all the information and feedback

We have copywritters that work with us since a long time and we can also find the one who match your positioning and reflect your tone of voice. You give the main idea of your page and we take care of the content 

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