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Website design; Digital Marketing and Print for a Soap factory

+523% sale

in 3 years


in 3 years

+90k SEO visitors

in 2 years

Louise Emoi Soap Factory

Organic care / Beauty

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Louise émoi had an e-commerce website that didn’t match the norm and the trend of modern standards: no responsiveness on mobile, low monthly sales, zero digital visibility. It needed a more up-to-date website that reflected their brand image online and converted more sales.

Louise émoi is a very small soap factory that opened officially in 2015. The company is based in a village in the South West of France near Toulouse and managed by Véronique who made a big dream into a reality. Deeply passionate by the power of plants, she started by making her soaps in the basement of her own house. If the idea was first to solve her daughter’s skin disease, she realised that she could also propose her soaps to a larger public. This is how Louise émoi was born.  A small handmade soap company that propose cold process soap made with love for all types of skin. 

Over the years, the number of products increased, welcoming more soaps with various fragrance for different types of skin but also balm, oil, anti perspirant; shampoo and other organic care.. In 2018 Véronique and her team decided to move to a real  office with a convenient laboratory and a showroom to welcome visitors. Today, Louise émoi has more than 20 employees and 60 products.

The first eCommerce website for Louise emoi has been launched in 2012. 4 years later, Véronique and her business partner began searching for someone who can rebrand their website and grow their online business. They understood the potential of their brand and anticipated that online sales would be a source of revenue that couldn’t be avoided.  They also wanted to rebrand their packaging and start to be more active on social media. 

At the beginning of our collaboration, Louise émoi revenue was divided among market and fair trade, reseller, one physical shop, and one ecommerce website.

At the beginning of our collaboration, Louise émoi revenue was divided among market and fair trade, reseller, one physical shop, and one ecommerce website. Today the website contribute to more than 40% of their revenue


  1. Redesign the website in order to make it more modern and adaptive to mobile use
  2. Increase sales
  3. Change the whole print branding: leaflet, packaging, catalogue

Their first goal was to redesign the website as an ecommerce platform on mobile, and make it trendier. They were convinced that a more user friendly website coupled by a polished web design that reflects their positioning can help generate more sales. The second goal was to make their ecommerce website one of the top sources of revenue as they rely mainly on summer markets and resellers. The third goal was to work on their packaging that was very basic and didn’t make the products very attractive for their resellers. In addition, they needed a lot of print documents (catalogue, banner, display, etc.) that could help them sell more.

We started to work together on the website and had a quick turn-around. Once it was launched, Louise émoi decided to get my support for taking care of all her communications, digital and print needs.

Process and highlight

Through each step of the process I became part of the team and I was able to implement many changes and optimization.

Stage 1 : Website redesign

We changed the old color palette: from a pastel website that was not responsive, to a bright, lively, poetic website that brought the light on the ingredients and the handmade aspects.

Furthermore we have:

  • Created information pages to showcase the knowledge and savoir-faire of the soap factory. We also highlighted the story and the values of the company. These are strong selling points and two of the main reasons people buy from them.
  • Created different categories pages to make it easier for the user to find the perfect product: by skin type, by ingredient, by product type
  • Added a blog section
  • Optimised all images (making photomontage and color correction on product page to make them more attractive) 
  • Added tracking metrics (Google Analytics)
  • Optimised the SEO on the technical point of view
  • Make the website responsive
Before After


The overall work done on this website helped the conversion because the improved content gave a lot of information about the product, the origin of the ingredients and emphasized the quality of all products. Furthermore, the new user journey and the way of finding the right product improved the experience for the customer. After less than one year, the website revenue growth to +25% .

Furthermore; the website by being now Google friendly, we have experienced a growth of +130% of visitor in one year


The graph bellow show the difference of website visitors between 2017 and 2018. No paid ads have been implemented

Stage 2 : Increase the sales

In order to gain more traffic and more sales; we decided first to focus on SEO. At that time, none of the basic optimisation has been made on the website ever.  So we decided on a list of keywords that could be pertinent and interesting to rank on (the one with less competition, and high volume of research).

The results were impressive and we were happy that three years later, we are still ranking on very competitive keywords like “natural soap” on the first page. SEO is our main acquisition leverage of traffic.

The graph shows  the evolution of our SEO through the last 3 years:


The graph shows a comparaison between the year 2018 and 2020 in term of traffic of acquisition from Google. Our traffic from Google increase +246% in 2 years thanks to our actions  :

Social media management:

We launched Louise émoi’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and we are happy to build a community of over 23,000 people from all platforms. Through consistently keeping the social media content and feed engaging and attractive (posting 12-15 high quality copy per month), we are able to keep a community of customers and supporters. Thus, contributing to the sales, online presence, and excellent reputation of the brand.


  • Our social media accounts became very quickly one of our main way to handle customer service.
  • Each Year, we organise a Christmas Calendar during which a gift is won each day. this action allow us to increase Louise émoi visibility and gain some followers. It’s also a way for the company to do something fun and friendly for its communitye.
  • We work closely with few influencers by giving them a affiliate links


Sending out a newsletter is a great way of keeping contact with our clients, the ones who are interested in our content, events, and promos. 

We decided to do a recurrent newsletter (2 per month at least). Emailing is the communication channel with the most conversion rate (12% in average) and we are also very proud of our opening rate.

Stage 3 : Print & Packaging

Main headline here 

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