Personalized Website for Your Brand

One-Day Website

If you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business.

Does thinking about your website make you break out in serious stress sweat?

You may have postpone the day you will have to launch your website until you met this very interesting potential client who asks you more about your service or product. And at that moment you realize that you need a professional website, like NOW.  Here is what I propose you: have a look at all the websites that I’ve created, check my style, look at the quality of the design and let me handle everything for you. If you trust me, if you believe in my webdesign skills, if you let me free to take initiatives, I will create for you the perfect website that will sell your offer, and this in less than 24 hours. 

I am super confident that you will be satisfy and 24 hours later you will have: a website you love, the copywriting that sell and a professional brand new identity that matches your positioning. 


How this is possible? After 10 years of creating websites, I know WordPress by heart and I have a good intuition to understand my client industry and universe; trust me you wont be desapointed.

How it works?

You will find bellow an overview of our price, let us know if you need any help with copywriting or brand identity 


Give us as much of informations as possible for us to be independent and create your website as quick as possible.

To make sure you’re ready, we’ll send you a checklist of everything you need, including our famous Mojo-Making Brand Questionnaire to help us make your content shine. This is your only  “homework” and need to be done 2 days before starting your website


We'll write your all of your content (Yes, every page).

Once we’ve got your brand whipped into shape, we take all of your stream-of-consciousness ramblings and bullet points and turn them into compelling content that speaks to your audience and gets them to believe (and buy).


From your indications, text and structure, I will do my magic

If you’re like 97.4% of small businesses, you need a site that’s beautiful and clean and professional. All of our sites are created using Squarespace templates, which give you the best of all worlds: gorgeous look-and-feel with dead-easy site management (not to mention built-in SEO).

Website in 24 hours

What is included?

Quick doesn’t mean ugly or sloppy. You will get our full attention for the nest 24 hours for making a professional web



We’ll meet for 30-minutes to get aligned on your brand and business, the dream clients and goals you’re after, website wishes, and more. We will need to understand the functionalities you need, your objective, and your values 

creative brief


This is the moment where we will work on the aesthetic look of your website, we will make sure that it’s aligned with your brand identity, your positioning and havethe feeling you want your audience to havewhen navigating



At that stage we need to collect all images, photography, text content that will be included into your website. At that stage their is 2 options: either you take care 100% of the copy (we ill still be around to guide you) or you give it to us. 

web dev


That’s the moment where we take care of making your project become REAL ! You will be unformed by all our progression and you will be able to give your correction and input at each steps. 



We’ll set you up for search success with keyword research and SEO basics that help you get free traffic to your site from Google. If SEO is very important for you and you can invest, then, LoÏc, our SEO Consultant will help you to setup a customized detailed SEO Strategy. 



You’ll get all the tools you need to successfully maintain your website on your own, including live training, videos and a website user guide. We can also take care of your website maintenance

Want to know more? 

Most of the 24-Hour Websites that I’ve created have approximately 5 pages and cost between $4000 up to $5000 for everything including : strategy, copywriting, design and development.

Each business is unique, so dont hesitate to contact me if you need a special feature or extra pages. We’ll let you know right up front exactly how much it will be.

Your Investment


  • 50% Deposit due at booking. Remaining balance due the day of service.


an overview of our best projects

Meredith Dekalb Miller

Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | SEO & Strategy


Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | SEO | Strategy | Social media & Emailing

Les Savons de Lyna

Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | SEO | Strategy | Social media & Emailing


Brand identity | WordPress Webite Creation | Print communication

Main headline here 

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Are we a good fit ? 

Let's talk about your project

Want to know more? 

Here are the most most frequently askded questions

Yes of course ! We will train you and give you the video tutorial you need so you can be totally independant when you wish to update the copy and image of your website 

Yes we can ! We can hire a copywritter to make all the content for you so you dont have to struggle with what to write… If you prefer to keep this part on your side it’s totally fine too 🙂 clients using language that tugs at their heartstrings.

Yes! I am happy to offer all clients who engage with me  a payment plan according to what suit you the most. 

The full sum can be split up to 4 paiement and within 1 year. If you need a special arrangement, send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate you.

I can defenelty adapt to your needs. A website goes throught few stages : Discovery, Strategy, Content, WebDesign and Development. Usually it’s realistic to say 5 weeks Then, it all depends how urgent your demand is and how long it takes us to gather all the information and feedback

I primarily use WordPress to build websites because it’s a very flexible solution. Nowadays, WordPress is coming with an easy drag-and-drop builder that my clients really like as it makes the process of updating the copy very easy. WordPress is the more powerfull solution in term of SEO and functionnalities

I don’t do WIX or Foursquare website but I know some colleague who do. Send me a message and I will share their contact

Once your website is launched, you have a  30-days free support post-launch. Furthermore, we have monthly maintenance care plans for all your fixing, adjusting, improving, adding some content and design.

Send me a message to know more.