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Does your website have issues that are hurting your visibility or turning away visitors? Performing a simple website audit can help you find out. Many businesses, big and small, often are faced with technical, user experience, and SEO issues with their site. These issues can be detrimental for your business, leading to a drop in traffic and visibility in the search results.

I’ve been designing Website since more than 10 years. I have a deep understanding on how your websites can be improved on different aspects: SEO, design, copywriting, User Experience…  I will share with you the points of friction on your  website that may be negatively impacting conversions. 


Our website audit price

For landing page & strategic page


One page
  • Audit one page of your website
  • Screenrecording walkthrough video
  • 10+ minutes screen recording time
  • Mobile & Desktop
For small website


5 pages
  • Audit one page of your website
  • Screenrecording walkthrough video
  • 20+ minutes screen recording time
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Checklist of the 10 crucial actions to be done
For eshop and large website


10 pages
  • Audit ten pages of your website
  • Screenrecording walkthrough video
  • 30+ minutes screen recording time
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Simple SEO Audit included
  • Checklist of the 20 crucial actions to be done

This is for you…

If you want to have a clear picture of how you can improve your website

Your Website is the face of your business. When someone wants to know about your company and services then he can simply come to your site and check for the information he was looking at. Hence your website has the ability to convert your one-time visitors into your full-time customers.

A Website audit is all about identifying and improve shortcomings of your site.

In Website auditing, lots of functionalities of your websites are reviewed including performance, forms, navigation, mobile optimization, content etc.

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Frequently Asked Question

You will have a clear view on everything that need to be fixed on your website. I will go throught the design, the content, the branding and the user experience. 

You can either apply the recommendations mentionned by yourself or hire us to help you with this. 

The video record will be minimum 20minutes but I usually have a lot to say about websites. You will have a lot of insight and suggestions for your website

You just have to indicate me which ones is most important for me to go throught, I will analyse these ones in priority

If you have any others questions, please contact us on or +33661412988

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“Sarah Meyran and September Studio has played a significant role in our company’s progression and marketing. Sarah created our brand identity, logo, website, SEO and all our marketing material such as newsletter, flyers, social media templates and much more. Sarah is the perfect full service studio for companies that wishes to have a single point of contact. She has helped us to build our brand from scratch and we are more than grateful to have found her. Sarah and all her team members are highly talented, creative and tech savvy – hard to find all in one but she has it. They are also very easy and nice to work with. I would recommend Sara and September Studio to anyone that needs full-service help within marketing.”