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Maintenance package

We handle all of your site maintenance so you can focus on your business!
Maintenance and upkeep of your WordPress site can easily take up too much of your time that is better spent on growing your business to the next level. We are happy to take care of the burden of updates, security, and backups for you. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to step in and manage everything for you!

You have a business to run and rely on your website to function properly, which is why you need it to be up and running, without hiccups, at all times! We provide a website maintenance package to assist you with the upkeep of your website. We will be available for you to take care of anything and everything you want to be automatically kept up to date in and around your website.

WordPress, like any other application, will always have new and necessary updates, and we take care of these updates for you with this maintenance service. We also take care of and keep one step ahead on anything you can expect when it comes to updates, we supply 24-hours assistance for your website in case anything uneventful happens. We also take care of security checking as well as speed monitoring for a great user experience.

Virus, Hack & Bot

Websites are a common target for hackers, viruses, bots, and other bad actors in cyberspace. Unfortunately, that is the reality we live in today.
Imagine one day learning that your site contains malware and is unsafe. Or maybe portions of your website disappear entirely.
Fortunately, thwarting the majority of these security concerns can be addressed by simply keeping your website up to date.
We are happy to do this for you!

Updates = Protection 

1 or 2 times a month, WordPress receives new updates from the community and your theme developers.
All those updates have as main aim to optimize the security, performance, and design of your website.
You can easily reduce the chances to be attacked if the 3 pillars that compose your website are up to date: WordPress, plugins, and themes.
Stay up to date with us!

User Experience

You surely know that your website has many plugins: such as contact forms, interactive maps, booking systems, analytics, and portfolio. All these modules are created by independent developers. However, if they are not vigilant about making updates and make sure that their plugin is still compatible with the latest version of WordPress, your overall update operation can lead to a massive crash to your website. Save yourself the trouble and let us handle it for you!
While WordPress makes it very easy for general users to update basic content, such as blog posts, events, press releases, or other page content, the time will inevitably come where you’ll need the assistance of a WordPress developer. We always want our clients to be fully independent on their website but eventually, you will need to update or change something behind the scenes on your website. If you like, we are happy to teach you!


A quality WordPress maintenance and support plan should minimally address the following responsibilities:

Regular updates

We regularly update your WordPress core version releases and plugin updates, with quality assurance testing after each update.


We do troubleshooting of conflicts or errors on your site when they arise (for example when third-party tools do not work together).

Security optimization

to block potential threats before they occur, including continuous monitoring and protection against spam, malware, unauthorized logins, and other malicious attempts. This also includes properly securing your site with SSL.

Automatic data backups

In case your site ever needs to be restored in the case of disaster or data loss. Ideally, you will have incremental (e.g. daily/weekly/monthly) redundant backups stored in multiple locations (e.g. a backup drive, as well as offsite cloud storage).

Performance optimization

We ensure that your WordPress website is configured for optimal performance, including best practices such as page caching and image compression. Responsive website is not only important for users but can also impact search performance.

A dedicated resource

Someone who is familiar with the site, has access to all necessary administrative documentation and permissions, and who can assume responsibility for maintaining, and, if necessary, restoring the site, while also responding to on-demand needs in a timely fashion.

Server/hosting maintenance

With the latest and secure versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL, properly configured SSL certificates, security firewall, and other best practices for server maintenance.

Whether you support your own WordPress site, have an in-house staff administrator, or use the services of an outside vendor, the important thing is that you have a plan in place to keep your website in good working order. This is the foundation for running a professional and long-lasting website, and the peace of mind that comes with having a solid plan in place is priceless. You’ve spent a lot of money and time designing your website, creating content, and getting it up and running properly; it’s well worth the investment to keep it that way.

Price transparency

Our maintenance package

Our maintenance packages are specifically designed to allow you to focus your time and energy on what is most important to you, which is, taking care of your business. No more wasting time and energy on website maintenance. Let us take care of everything. We will send you monthly maintenance reports so you know what updates were made to your website in the previous month. If you need any changes to your website our team will be available to help you. We will also be there if you need help with web marketing such as newsletter and social media work.

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