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Brand identity is the company's soul embodied in graphics. It's the foundation of your business and it need to be consistent in all your communication support : print, social media, and website

I create graphics that represent your company’s values and DNA:  from the conception to the realization of your logo, your brand identity, and your visual communication (print & digital). The whole crafted according to your image, values, and positioning.

Don’t underestimate the power of professional and cohesive branding. At the moment when your newsletter, website, leaflet, social media, print leaflet […] are aligned in terms of design and copywriting, this is the moment where you start to make an impact on your audience so they can remember you and take you seriously. 

Working together with Us

Our Process

Here below you will find a detailed overview of what is included in our Brand Identity and Logo Design packages.



We’ll meet virtually or in-person to discuss your grand vision and talk specifics about your audience, messaging, goals and next steps.



A beautiful and custom logo design, sub-logo and logo variations will help you lead your business with your best foot forward



A complete reference guide for using your logo, colors, fonts so you can show up consistently and professionally every time.

web dev

Capture the essence of your business through a collage of images and graphics to inspire the rest of your brand.


A sophisticated color palette and unique pairing of fonts will give your brand the polish and sparkle you crave.


Whether you’re in-person on online you can show up professionally with a branded email signature and business card design.

Price Transparency

Our packages

Here below is a detailed overview of all of our packages.

A new logo

A logo that you love and reflect your business

From 500$

Paiement x2 

brand identity

Step to the next level by having a professional and cohesive image

From 1300$

Paiement x3 possible

Brand Identity+ logo + COMMUNICATION KIT

For website that sell digital and physical product

From 1650$

Paiement x3 

Does your brand and logo need a new design?

• Bored with your look and know that it’s causing you to miss out on next-level clients?
• Embarrassed to show off your business because your aesthetic doesn’t match the value that you offer?
• Tired of wasting time trying to figure out how to create a cohesive and professional look on your own?

If so, I truly believe this is for you. A new brand aesthetic will not only feel fresh and look beautiful but will give you the confidence you need to step into the next level of your business. Ready to step into style? Book a free call to find out if we’re a fit.

Your Investment


  • (Brand identity kit + logo)
  • 50% Deposit due at booking. Remaining balance due the day of service.

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Discover our entrepreneur start package

If you are an entrepreneur and need EVERYTHING to start to sell online, we can propose you a full package including : a website, brand identity, copywriting for your website and a logo at a discount price. Contact us for more information 

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Here are the most most frequently askded questions

A brand identity is the essence of your business, you need to create a cohesive look between all platform so your audience can remind you. The brand identity is also a the translation of your positioning and image to the world. It’s a crucial document and need to be done with a lot of attention.

Even if I use to deliver a lot more proposal (around 6), I prefer to limit the number to 3 so we wont go into an infinite process. Thanks to the moodboard, questionnaire and kickoff meeting we will be able to understand the essence of your business and propose you a logo you will like

Sandra Raudabaugh Logo

Client: Sandra Raudabaugh Sandra is a court-qualified expert in the field of Forensic Document Examination; she has testified on the authenticity of documents and handwriting on numerous occasions. We...
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Zalman Roy Ebook Norway

Zalman had a wonderful experience in Norway and wanted to share everything he learned, to allow others to live the same dream : Living and working...
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Bloom consulting

Client: Bloom Consulting We helped them with logo design and creation to elevate their branding for their consistency and printed materials.
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Mag florist logo

Maria Grazia is a passionate Florist from Italy that’s now resided in Toulouse, France. She has studied Plant Ecology and together with a big passion and love...
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  • Client

    Mag Florist

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Zahya Z&N

Zahya EL GHARDOUF, a consulting project manager, contacted me about creating a brand identity that communicates what she does best, and what is essential for her...
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