Zalman Roy Ebook Norway

Zalman had a wonderful experience in Norway and wanted to share everything he learned, to allow others to live the same dream : Living and working in Norway. He contacted us about designing an E-book and trusted us with everything. We created a brand identity inspired by Norway’s landscapes and national colours of the flag.

To organize his 11 000 words, we created a unique layout, designed icons, edited his pictures, and completed it with a fine selection of other supporting images to highlight his content. I love the minimalist and clean result of this Ebook – HOW TO FIND A JOB IN NORWAY – which definitely convinced me to one day travel to Norway!

It was essential for me to work side by side with Zalman throughout the creative process to completion while establishing a commercial strategy to promote his E-book. We are currently working on his website and his social media marketing.

I look forward to sharing the results with you!