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Cemeteries Website Creation

Do you need a website for your cemetery?

We are happy to help you !

We are a small french digital agency and we are helping funeral businesses, Cemeteries and Chronicle’s users to have a nice, clean and comprehensive website for their cemetery. Having a website is now a day mandatory. Internet makes things easy for us to find all information we need and that’s why having a clean, nice, and easy-to-use website for your cemeteries will help people to find all the information they need about your cemetery. 

We have already created many Cemeteries websites all over the world, see our example for inspiration.

Some example of website we have created

(click to see on the logo to see the website)

What kind of information should you include in your cemetery website?

Location — preferably with GPS coordinates or address.

Make finding your cemetery as easy as possible. And don’t forget the parking directions!

A brief history.

Include important dates, how the cemetery was developed, and interesting people who are buried there.

Do you still accept burials?

Include information on plot purchasing and funeral arrangements so people have an easy reference for the information.

A map

A plot map will help people find their ancestors or other graves they want to visit while there.
If you have this list down, consider adding more information! Some bonuses might include:

Burial records

(to be fill up)

Gallery of picture

(to be fill up)


(to be fill up)

Contact Form

(to be fill up)

Trusted Members

(to be fill up)

How make people find your cemetery easily?

First, Google my business

to be fillup

Appeared on Google

There are methods to enhance discoverability of the website which can be implemented on the site itself. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of them; it allows Google to put your website on a first page when users are typing keywords.

Communicate on special needs


Create partnership

Offline precense

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