MAG Florist

Client : Maria Grazia Task : Branding, UX, Webdesign, Webmarketing strategy, SEO
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Generation UCAN Australia

Client : Generation UCAN Australia   Task : Webmarketing, Graphism and Website creation
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Vert et Rose

Client : Vert et Rose, Flower shop Toulouse   Description : Vert et Rose is the oldest and most famous flower shop in Toulouse. We have redesigned the...
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Louise émoi

Description : I collaborate with Louise émoi since the past 6 years. They delegate to my team and me the whole communication strategy  from social management,...
  • Strategy

    Brand, UX , Social Media, Emailing strategy

  • Design

    UX / Print / Digital / Catalogue / Website design / Packaging

  • Client

    Louise émoi, Handmade soap factory

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Les Savons de Lyna

Client : les Savons de Lyna, Organic Shop in Belgium   Description : Les Savons de Lyna is an organic Shop based in Brussel. We have been working...
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