Empower Your Students' Success with Impactful Brand Building - Join Forces with Us

Elevate the Impact of Your Coaching and Mentorship with the support of a professional brand designer. 


Finding the right designer is key for any business. It saves time, increases brand awareness and supports the sales strategy. We are here to support you and your students, propelling your business to new heights.

Partner with a reliable agency who creates digital assets for your students at a discounted rate

Provide your students with fully tailored branding workshops on how to implement it into their Business

Earn extra money by referring us as a trusted partner every time a new business signs on with us

Add a little extra something for your VIP clients... Gift them with a brand cover or social media post!

As a mentor and consultant, you want what's best for your students


At September Studio, we want to work with high achieving coaches with years of experience under their belts, who strive for success not only within their business, but ones that fully support the growth of their students’ businesses too.


  • You are a mentor and consultant who already has clients taking 1-on-1 sessions with you.
  • You are a team player who is communicative and willing to provide us with a place within your team.
  • You encourage your clients to launch, develop, and expand their businesses both offline and online.
  • Your coaching focuses on businesses and includes modules on marketing, social media, and how to increase online visibility.


  • They have a basic knowledge of Branding and understand its importance.
  • They are paying $1500 or more for your coaching and they understand the concept of investing both time or money to grow a business.
  • They are aiming to offer services at an above average price range.
  • They either have a strong social media presence or need to establish one.
  • They are digitally savvy and understand the dynamics of online sales.

See how we can work together

What makes us different is that our partnership is fully dependent on our first consultation. Whatever service or additional services you would like to offer to your students, we can make it happen!

AUDIT & strategy

Objective : A clear perspective on where your students are currently and how they can improve

1.5 hours

Objective : Understand the process of creating powerful branding so they can apply it to their business

or a 1 to 1 session

Objective : Implement the knowledge of branding and create all the materials with our guidance.

VIDEO Masterclass
tailored to your niche

Objective : Create a module in your coaching or mentorship program specifically dedicated to branding

VIP Premium
package & Gifts

Objective : Show thanks and appreciation to your VIP clients and make them feel special with exclusive tailored website or design!


Objective : Increase the price of your coaching or mentorship program by adding a personalized branding package

We want to provide the best for our partners. Thus we only work with 10 mentors and consultants at a time

February 2023 : 6 spots available

This is how we can help your students

Choosing a partner can be difficult. Allow us prove to you that we are different. 

First session is 100% money back guarantee

Ask for your free website audit​

We will be happy to review your website and show you some idea of improvement. Leave your website url and get a 20min video.


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Yes, we do! The full amount due for our services can be split up into 4 payments, all made within 12 months from the first initial transaction. Should you require special assistance, please get in touch and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

A website is not something that can be built overnight. There are several steps we take into creating a website. These steps are: Discovery, Strategy, Content, WebDesign and finally, Web Development.

To be on the realistic side, it usually takes around 5 weeks minimum to create a website. However, this timeframe also depends on your needs, whether you have a timeframe in mind or not, and whether you decide to have a single landing page, or multi-page website. Please also keep in mind that the process of gathering information and feedback from yourself is part of our process and may take some time.

Yes, we can certainly work as partners and come to an agreement about which services you and your clients require. We would be happy to expand our reach and offer our skills and services to a wider audience of coaches who wish to take their business and brand to the next level.

A brand identity is one of the pillars that makes up your brand and business. It is what makes you different from others within your field. If you do not have a brand identity yet, we strongly advise that you create one as this will only elevate your online presence.

However, branding in itself is not mandatory but it will only benefit you, and your business. If you need help, we have extensive experience in creating brand identities for our clients, in fact, it is one of our most popular services! – We are here to help you every step of the way.

Certainly! We have been working with copywriters for a long time and we can definitely find one who matches your positioning and reflects your tone of voice. All we need from you is the general tone of voice as well as the main content guidelines for the landing page, and then we take care of filling in the rest.

See how we transformed the inspired version of our clients to successful online presence

Elevate the impact of your coaching and mentorship with the support of a professional brand designer. 

Let’s get in touch and start the powerful journey to freedom and abundance

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Bloom Consulting

Bloom & Co is a French company that provides coaching and consultation on QVT/qualité de vie au travail (quality of work at the workplace). For this project, we helped Bloom & Co set up their website and construct their branding.

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Direction Artistique

  • Client

    Bloom & Co Consulting

See Website

Wahoo Villa Rental Corsica

The Villa Wahoo is a newly built villa located in Sari, an authentic village in Corsica. With the aim of making it a luxury vacation rental villa, the clients came to us looking to create a modern and clean website that reflects the estival vibe of Corsica and the modernity of the villa. We curated a brand identity aligned with those elements and a beautiful website.

  • Client

    Wahoo Villa

See Website

Nikky Doualle

Nikky Doualle is not only well-known for being a French business coach, she is also an international public speaker, business strategist and mentors entrepreneurs, coaches and high-level athletes. Nikky’s style embodies the elegance in not only her brand but also the way she delivers her work across to her clients.

  • Client

    Nikky Doualle

See Website

Mark Smoot

Mark Smoot is a professional landscape architect and passionate photographer from California. His latest work, Huts, is a book about African vernacular architecture and is dedicated to the houseproud women of southern Africa. We had the pleasure of working with Mark to build his branding and website.

  • Client

    Mark Smoot

See Website


Sandra is a court-qualified expert in the field of Forensic Document Examination; she has testified on the authenticity of documents and handwriting on numerous occasions.
We assisted her with a total re-branding of her brand identity, which included creating a signature logo, a well-built website, and curated distinguishing elements for consistency to lift elegance into her modernized website. Find out more about our case study on Sandra’s website.

  • Client

    Sandra Raudabaugh

See Website