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It's more than a simple website

Hi! My name is Sarah and welcome to Studio September. My team and I have extensive experience helping entrepreneurs, consultants, and online health practitioners build their online platforms. We understand the need for you to have an amazing website that accurately reflects both your specific services and your core values.

We step in and support you from A to Z so that you can let go of the stress and energy-draining demands of creating a new website. Instead, we allow for you to focus more of your limited time on what you do best, taking care of your clients.

You need a website with a design that inspires trust and invites your ideal clients to take action. We ensure that the content on your new website is tailored to your ideal client’s vision and needs. It all comes down to your website’s ability to connect directly to its visitors and convert them into leads.

Together with the aesthetic and beautiful design we also ensure that we include all the functionality needed for your website to stand out in the growing online market. This is where we excel and why you hire us!

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Sarah Meyran, founder and CEO

How Do We Work Together

Discovery Call

First, we need to know how we can help you. Together we sit down and we learn about you, your business’ vision. We then provide you with a clear and transparent offer, with design examples for your new beautiful website. We always offer full transparency when it comes to what’s included and prices.

Building Together

We work closely together with you to ensure that everything comes out the way you have envisioned it. We thrive by knowing that your new website is the perfect fit for your needs. We keep you up to date on the progress and you can be assured we are taking care of everything for you.

Next Level

Your success is our success and we are happy to help you expand your business and strategy to meet the new demands of your clients. We offer so much more than just website creation, whether that be social media marketing, communications strategy, or brand design. We do it all!

Maintenance Solution

Worried about not being able to keep your website updated and fully maintained? We got you covered! We can either teach you how to upkeep your website or you simply outsource everything to us. Together we find the best solutions depending on your Website experience level.


Services and features at the service of your new website

When you entrust us with the management of your website, we make every effort to make things as simple as possible for you.

Let’s Talk


If you feel like you have tried everything, but it doesn’t translate to how you’d want it. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to get started. Either way, we’d love to help! Schedule your free discovery call to talk about your upcoming project so we can present you with the ideal and possible solutions we can offer you and your business.

Want to know more? 

Here are the most frequently askded questions

It’s all fine, we have prepare a questionnaire that narrow down your persona (= ideal client) and guide you through the process of finding inspiration

Yes we can divide the paiment in 3 for the whole brand identity (style guide + logo) and 2 for only the logo

Yes, and we love to create them ! Just send us a message

Yes ! We do newsletter design template and we can design your newsletters each month. Contact me for more info

Loic and Yoan are our SEO Consultant and will provide you a complete SEO strategy that you will boost your traffic

Yes of course ! We will train you and give you the video tutorial you need so you can be totally independant when you wish to update the copy and image of your website 

Yes we can ! We can hire a copywritter to make all the content for you so you dont have to struggle with what to write… If you prefer to keep this part on your side it’s totally fine too 🙂 clients using language that tugs at their heartstrings.

Yes of course !  We can improve your current website 

I can defenelty adapt to your needs. A website goes throught few stages : Discovery, Strategy, Content, WebDesign and Development. Usually it’s realistic to say 5 weeks Then, it all depends how urgent your demand is and how long it takes us to gather all the information and feedback

We have copywritters that work with us since a long time and we can also find the one who match your positioning and reflect your tone of voice. You give the main idea of your page and we take care of the content 

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