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So, you have create your website. What next ?

A website is like a house if you don’t take care of it something will happen one day or another: maybe it will be the roof that getting wet, maybe some thief wants to come in your house and have broken windows, maybe you want to change the windows for a new modern sound-proof system but the walls are getting old and having such new material is a risk of making the foundation of your house completely destroyed, maybe you want to change the colour of the wall but their surface is not uniform and neat anymore…

For all these reasons you need to look after it and make sure that everything is up to date: gate closed, solid wall, new technologies set up for any new features you want to add and so on.

It’s the same with your website. You have built with 3 big components: WordPress (core files), Theme (graphic design) and Plugin (all features). In order for them to carry on to work together, they all need to be up to date.

Backup on your server and computer
Your website will have a daily back-up in my computer and your hosting provider. If anything happen we will be able to restore it
Monthly updates
Every month we will updates all the extensions, plugins, wordpress and themes. Your website will have the last version of all his component
Security check
We will monthly clean the spam and check all security guard of your website. Anything suspicious will be removed
30min webmastering
Do you have some change to add to your website ? You want to improve the design or add a new features ? just ask us and we will take care of it. All minutes not used will be postpone for the next month

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