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Hi I’m Sarah

Studio september founder and wordpress trainer

Since the past 10 years, I design websites and implement strategy that help entrepreneurs and small business to stand out online.

My approach is not just about delivering a website or a logo, for most of my clients I feel to be part of their team : I have a real understanding of their business, I propose freely some improvements and I really look after that everything related to marketing gets the most of our attention. 

I won’t deny: I am much into details when it comes to design. I really care about the aesthetical part and if you are someone who is instead performance-oriented you may think that I am too picky. However, all my design starts with the aim of building connexion with your audience, represents your identity, and turning visitors and followers into paying customers. I design with intention. 

After graduating with a BBA and an MBA in Marketing, I got the classic corporate job in one of the best Parisian agency followed by a Marketing coordinator position in a big company. On weekends and evenings, I was working as a freelancer for small companies. Something has always been off and I never really fit into “the corporate world” where politics was too present and got a sense of unfulfillment. On the other hand, I had already a very entrepreneurial mindset and got involved in many projects as soon as I was 18 years old. In 2018, I decided to quit everything: my comfy job, my cute Parisian apartment, and my well-paid salary to travel the world, dedicate myself to my clients and discover new cultures.

After few months of backpacking through South East Asia, I settle in Chiang Mai (Thailand) who has a very lively digital entrepreneur scene. If we have stages in our life, I would qualify this one as “awareness”. During that moment, I understood all the opportunities the digital world has to offer, I went to hundreds of Conferences & Workshops on different topics (affiliation, Amazon FBA, crypto, etc.), met successful entrepreneurs that opened my eyes to crucial process and I found clarity on what I want in my professional life.

2 years later, I moved to Bali, I work closely with clients I love and build a team of 7 people that I enjoy collaborating with and respect a lot for their expertise. 

I became also a partner-business owner of a fitness online shop in Australia that provides marathoners and athletes the right nutrition for performing in their discipline.

During those years I organized 50 workshops on different topics : SEO, WordPress, social media, Newsletters, etc. 

I understood that the knowledge that I got for the past 10 years could benefit the ones who just start their entrepreneurial journey. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people with fantastic ideas. One of my side projects is right now providing material and resources for helping new solopreneurs to build themselves their online business.



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