Automated Wellness Solutions Package 

Our marketing package includes an automated marketing infrastructure for your wellness business and brand. It allows you to build a closer and deeper relationship with your clients and customers in a personal way. It is up to date and can handle the latest strategies in online marketing.

In this document, we will explain and give you an easy overview of what this package consists of and what it can do for you specifically. If you have an existing website, we can integrate this with your current provider/host. If you don’t have a website yet, we can create a temporary landing page so you can begin collecting emails.

Building Email List 

Boost your online presence and make your business stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, companies cannot offer to not have a professional website. All my websites are fully optimised for SEO, 100% responsive on all devices and include unique graphics tailored to your brand and your product.

Sales Funnel

Reach a broader audience and sell more online. I will design, plan, and implement a digital marketing strategy that deliver measurable results. I will make sure to find the perfect experts for your company and I coordinate all stakeholders involved in your project 

Membership Sites

I transform your ideas into creative solutions that sell your product, tell your story, make you memorable. I create graphics that represent your company’s values and DNA. My team guides you from the conception to the realization of your logo, your graphic guidelines and your visual communication.

Automated Email

Reach a broader audience and sell more online. I will design, plan, and implement a digital marketing strategy that deliver measurable results. I will make sure to find the perfect experts for your company and I coordinate all stakeholders involved in your project 

Building An Email List and Automated Email Marketing?

Email marketing is what we focus on first and foremost. Collecting emails and building your email list is the foundation of this marketing strategy. The landing page will contain a sign-up form to your email list, together with an offer or value product from you. This can be a PDF ebook, a free coaching session, or a workshop, etc.

When you offer something of value for someone to sign up to your email list, it greatly increases the conversion from visitors to a subscriber. Once a person subscribes to your list, they will be welcomed by an automated email sequence (usually 3-7 emails) that introduces you and slowly builds a deeper connection with them.

These automated emails you can write for yourself, or we can create them together with you. This way, the emails sent out to your clients have your distinct brand identity and your own tone of voice. There are simple frameworks to follow on how to structure this email sequence that we can explain in more detail later on.

The aim here is to begin building an email list with an automated welcome sequence.

Sales Funnels

The beauty of this package is that we can use the email list that you have created, to automate your sales process. This is done by “funneling”, which means that after your welcome email sequence is over, you can start to present your product or services. This is done to members of your email list that has shown an interest in you or brand already.

This does not need to be a hard or pushy sell by any means. You can present what you are offering completely in line with your core values and brand feeling. You, or we, write all the automated emails around your services or products in a way that you like. This is not a complicated process, it is a question of style and preference. 

The email sales funnels contain links that point to pages presenting your product in more detail. Here you can pitch whatever you are selling to the potential buyer or client. This is integrated with an option to purchase and a checkout option. All sales are handled securely through your Paypal or Stripe account.

Subscriptions Based Services and Membership Sites

It is also possible to set up subscription-based services in this package with recurring payments under a set time frame. This is a good option if you are offering webinars, workshops, or personal coaching weekly. All the communication can be handled via email with your subscribers. Webinar and workshop solutions can be added to this package. You can also easily host workshops or webinars using an external program. 

Please ask us for more details on how this works technically.

The membership site is another potential option offered in this package. We can create a membership site based mainly on video courses, webinars, and downloadable products. The membership site is a clean and neat feature that seamlessly integrates with monthly subscription and sales funnels connected directly to your email list.

We Offer Fully Automated Solution For The Online Entrepreneur

This package makes it easy to guide your potential customers from signing up for your email list to becoming a client or customer. You can set up how to nurture and present what you do to email subscribers just once. From there, everything will run in the background automatically, and you can focus on what you do best. 

Taking care of your clients or customers. 

We are happy to help you set up in a way where you don’t have to micromanage every single sales step and email. Everything is fully automated. This is the foundational technical structure we use and highly recommend to allow you to create more revenue with less work.

All we need to know is how your brand and business works. From there, we can tailor design a package that fits your needs and the needs of your clients. Never before has creating automated sales online been so affordable, fun, and effective for the independent entrepreneur.

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